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High and Welcome to Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information. Today I want to show you a few tips on Search Engine Optimization.

What Inside:

  • What is SEO?
  • Site map and what it is
  • NAP listings
  • Blog/news web page(s)
  • Links/social media shares
  • Responsive/mobile-friendly design

Q: What is SEO and why does a business use it?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how website designers and website maintenance experts bring a website to the top of the search when a search platform (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is used. There are several ways to optimize your website for higher ranking in organic search results but the following are still considered best practice:

• Easy to use

• Mobile-device friendly

• Contact information on every page

• Appropriate page titles

• Blog, news or portfolio page

A website can be your highest-ranking asset and earn you the largest return on investment against your other marketing platforms, if built correctly. Let’s take a more precise look into our top five SEO tips for your company’s website.

1. Sitemap

A sitemap is within your website(mainly posts and pages) where you can create an organized menu of the web pages/posts in your site in order for Google and other search engines to easily find what content is on your site and how it is organized. You may have heard of Google bots, the crawlers that go out when someone types “How does affiliate marketing work” into Google. The site map allows the crawler to quickly find if your website is a match to what the searcher may be looking for.

2. NAP listings

NAP: stands for name, address and phone listings in Google directories such as (Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp, etc). All directories store current information about your business, including a link to your website and operating hours. If you provide a lot of information, the more likely they are to choose you. That does not mean that branding and quality  content don’t make a lasting ultimate impression, but providing basic information to the directory and searchers is a key first step. The NAP in these directories needs to match the NAP information on your website for optimal SEO results.

3. Blog/news web page(s)

When a person types into any search engine, such as Google, the crawlers go out and search for corresponding information on websites. The sites which have the best updated information, are often placed higher up in the results given to the searcher. One sure way to boost your website is have a blog/page or news blog. There is several ways to do this it can cost if you don’t do it yourself. You can set up a video vault as well telling what your site is and what your company does but from other news videos. These give the web crawlers rich information to decide if your website is relevant to a search and offer your web viewers a sense of trust in your company’s expertise.

4. Links/social media shares

I’d be here forever discussing the value and methods of building your links and placing them correctly but we’ll keep this short and to the point. When placing a lot of links to and from your website, the higher a search engine tends to place you in search results. One sure way to do this is by sharing your blog post’s URL with other experts in correlating fields to yours and/or online news outlets. When they find your information useful, they may create a link in one of their blog or article posts to site your information and website. The easiest way to get this going is to share your blog/news posts on social media. This method brings a boost that brings the amount of traffic to your website which is another factor that plays into your organic search rankings.

5. Responsive/mobile-friendly design

Always make your website as responsive as possible we live in a world of video plus site. This means that it has been designed internally to respond to the screen size of the person viewing it. Google announced, its search results index is essentially switching to prioritize mobile-friendly sites. If you’re not 100 sure that your website has been designed with mobile friendly content in mind, we highly recommend getting an answer sooner rather than later. If you want high search rankings then this is a very important part you must apply to your marketing and local-presence plan.

If you apply these steps correctly you will have a website that will be your best sales representative. It will save you time so that you can focus on what you do best within your company. If you’re curious to see your website’s SEO report and ranking, you can get set up with Google analytics and other Google products to help you with that.

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