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Look no further Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information has found the perfect business models to implement.
Hi, My name is Darrick and you’re reading this short book because you’re looking for a good business model to choose. I wrote this short book to outline how I started my business online before the age of 43 – and it has been successful. I am giving my permission to re-distribute this book so that you can spread great information to help people around the world build their own online businesses the right way the first time. If you find this information to be valuable, consider joining any emails you receive so that you can continue to learn and most important starting to earn money from your own online business. Starting an online business can be a lot of fun and very profitable IF it’s done the right way. In this report my goal is to outline some of the fastest ways you can start earning money online. If you’re interested in additional training or learning more about me feel free to visit us online at and check out our products and of course our blog posts.

At the end you will have the chance to get started and get $20 dollars back on their first month with our number one recommendation.

BUSINESS MODEL IDEAL #1 – BUILDING AN EMAIL MARKETING BUSINESS If you get the chance to read any of my post you will know I don’t colorcoat anything. This maybe the fastest and most reliable way to build a business online. Everything is changing on the net and I mean constantly! Email Marketing, however, has not changed in years. Your business has a lifeline it’s called leads, which is why building an email list, is so important. To be a successful Email Marketer you’ll need just a few things, I will show you here:

1. Auto-Responder – Here all your subscribers are logged and kept. There are several different auto-responders, however, one of my favorites is

2. Optin Page – You must have a place where your subscribers can“Opt In” to receive emails from you, If you have done your research you may have seen one but just in case you haven’t look at the image below.

3. Lead Magnet – You need a “free offer” to catch your visitors in exchange for them giving you their email address. This will be different for each site because, each site will carry a different niche, but they are extremely important to your overall success.

4. Thank You Page – This will be where you will send your subscribers to after signing up to your email – thanking them for joining! I always suggest implementing a “profit center” on this page because it simply makes sense.

5. Profit Centers – This is how you make money! There are many different types of profit centers such as Shopify, Affiliate Programs, Amazon Stores and more.

BUSINESS MODEL IDEAL #2 – BUILDING AN ECOMMERCE BUSINESS This could be one of the hardest to start but if you can get it started you can scale it to be extremely profitable!  In just a few short months you can earn over $250,000 per month selling simple items online. The money was great BUT the stress from this business can be more than some can personally handle. There are several different moving pieces and so much “tech” involved in everything that you may never sleep.  Now here there is many years of experience behind and much training to be learned. We’re Affiliate Marketers! So what made me go this route? As I mentioned earlier the Internet is always changing and now it’s far easier to start an online store using Amazon or Shopify. They’ve simplified the entire process of making money with ecommerce online. So now it’s easy as ever to get a business started.

The reason this works so well is now people know, like and trust buying on the Internet. Decades ago it was very hard to start an online business such as this. Every subscriber always wants a call (which can result in over 200 calls per day by the way) in order to make their purchase. Today my brother you must start an online store.WE suggest operate a Shopify store that does about $10,000 per day in sales and never speak to a customer on the phone! That was unheard of so many years ago. The emergency of Alibaba and the ability to get products overseas has made the ecommerce world a complete hit for Internet Marketers. You can now have fully customized products made and shipped to your customers without ever seeing them. We’ve come a long way and now I have come full circle. I highly suggest an eCommerce business as one of the top ways to start making money from an online business.

Business MODEL IDEAL #3 – Building An Affiliate Marketing Business So in the last section I told you about an ecommerce online store. Now we are going to talk about our favorite Model Ideal Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the simplest and the most easy model for someone who’s brand new to Internet Marketing to break in, start a business and generate some profits. Affiliate Marketing is promoting a company’s product for a commission.

Why I like this model so much think about this. You never have to ship anything. You never have to deal with customer support. You don’t have to worry about “branding” your business.  You are an affiliate marketer your focus is on direct response marketing and information with content. What that means you are only focused on how many dollars did you bring in for each dollar that I spent marketing the product or service. This really does simplify everything because it takes the moving pieces and the real “hard work” out of your hands completely and lets you focus on simply marketing products that customers are already looking for online.

Example – Marketing Credit Cards Online Have you ever applied for a credit card online? This is a huge market. All the major banks spend millions on branding themselves so that when you go online you think to yourself “ I should go apply for a credit card from X company”.What if you were the one promoting the credit cards for those very banks who are spending millions of dollars to drive customers to search for their cards online. Do you think that could be profitable? If you said yes, you’re exactly right, may others have done this years ago when they got started and was able to build their business to over $250,000 per month in revenue extremely fast. Heck the best part about marketing credit cards online is you aren’t even selling anything! Think about that for a minute ok? You can earn a commission and literally NOBODY spends a single penny in most cases, which is exactly why it works so well. There are plenty of resources you can use online to find some of the most profitable affiliate programs, however, I suggest checking out  to see the ones that will pay you the most money to generate sales and conversions for them.

Now what do you do next? That is up to you to choose which model ideal you will build your business from. I hope in this short book I have outlined something that really appeals to you and interests you enough to get you started. All 3 of these strategies have worked extremely well for many  others over the past years in the Internet Marketing world and the best thing is they really have stood the test of time. These are strategies that I see being long term, sustainable businesses that you can continue to enjoy for many years to come. The best thing for you to do right now? TAKE ACTION AND GET STARTED

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