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Welcome, first thank you for stopping and reading my blog post I hope, as a business owner I can show you a better way.

Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information wants to be able to give you the exact same business that I use today.

I know you’re sick and tired of the hype, the lies, the get rich quick schemes , scam this scam that, yes I understand and that’s why this site is set up. This is your one stop shop for any information regarding Affiliate Marketing. We will show you what you need and what it will take to get a home based business pushing out a residual income every month for as long as you are a member. No scams will be placed or used on this site, what you see on the site we also use ourselves.

Scams On The Internet

What I have found in all my years of marketing is that no business on the internet is a scam, although they will mislead you, so you can buy into the product they have. That’s normal that’s the world of affiliate marketing.

I have found that most of them are just starting out with a business and they are just like you and I, trying to make a better life for themselves. So before I give you these two free business models I want you to stay in contact with me because I have something special I will be sharing with you at the end of this blog. So without anymore waiting here are two great programs that are free and not scams.


Program #1

This program/system I am about to give you today is the best way to start any business for free. There is a lot to learn with this program/system and a lot to be gained.

I am going to show you everything you get and what you have to do to acquire it. Not to mention the surprise I spoke about earlier will be included in this post.

Program Name:Wealthy Affiliate





What you get with Wealthy Affiliate



We started our site with wealthy Affiliate sometime back but it took us over a year to go premium. Going premium is a great way to really boost your business and earnings beyond your imagination.

The best part

You never have to go premium, you can always be a free member. You will be able to connect with a great community, top of the line training, walkthrough videos, a free website but the ability to build up to 25 free sites.

Bad Part

It does take time to build your foundation and give your audience a clear understanding of the product or service you have. When building your site you will need to go through the training and walkthrough videos so you can learn how to reach your reader and take care of their problem. Some sites show progress and begin making an income in as little as 3 months provided they post often. Others may take up to six months or more because either they take their time and do it right the first time, or they just simply don’t have time.

My recommendation

My scale from 1 to 10, ten being the highest I give Wealthy Affiliate a 10.

This is truly an amazing way for anyone to start and grow your business for free using our SiteRubix builder. Give yourself new life and a chance to build your passion into a multi billion dollar industry.

Final thought

Premium is all to well the best way to go because, what you receive when going premium see here:


So basically if you go premium you get your first month for $19.00 and then $49 per month thereafter.

Heres the surprise 

Not only do you get a discount with Wealthy Affiliate but you can also receive $20 back from Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information after going premium and staying premium for sixty days you must sign up through this site to get the $20 bucks.

Program #2

Program and system number two is a great way to build a list of subscribers for your site. Neither site is a part of the other site they do not go hand in hand.

Program two can be an advertising site for your Wealthy Affiliate Business and it could be very profitable. This program I use myself and you have to get in and once in you get anyone that come in after you you will be able to go wide and deep as you want all for free.

Company Name: Global Money Lines

 With this program all you have to do is sign up and get in when you sign up and get in you get anyone that comes in after you and then they help you build.

What’s Inside

Free system that you can promote your business on and get fresh new leads per day to promote to. You also get the community that you can get help from, you get a free site to use never having to upgrade, you get training and walkthrough videos, your banners and splash pages, email integration and messages you can use.

Watch the video to get a better understanding here:

My Recommendation

On A scale Of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest I give this business a 10 as well. I also wanted to let you know they do have an awesome upgrade for a Bronze account it’s a one time fee of $20 bucks that’s amazing.

Final Thoughts

MoneyLine’s Compensation Plan COMPOUND LEVERAGE is an exclusive unique one payment Direct Sale Affiliate Independent Sales Representative Referral plan to create sales globally with our retail products and services. It is NOT “MLM” as only ONE (1) PAYMENT is paid out ever on all Retail Sales that are transacted. There are NO over-rides or multiple payments of any kind ever on any sale ever in MoneyLine. Therefore, it is not MLM or a pyramid or a ponzi scheme.

MoneyLine has not only an unbelievably VALUABLE PRODUCT for the masses GLOBALLY, but it also has a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY available for the Entrepreneurial minded people of the World.

So get with these two companies today and you will not regret your decision to do so, much to your success and I will see you on the inside click on these links if you haven’t done so above:

Please always leave comments and ask questions!

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