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Business Model Ideals

Business Model Ideals You Can Trust

Are you Having A problem with choosing a business model to go with?

Look no further Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information has found the perfect business models to implement.
Hi, My name is Darrick and you’re reading this short book because you’re looking for a good business model to choose. I wrote this short book to outline how I started my business online before the age of 43 – and it has been successful. I am giving my permission to re-distribute this book so that you can spread great information to help people around the world build their own online businesses the right way the first time. If you find this information to be valuable, consider joining any emails you receive so that you can continue to learn and most important starting to earn money from your own online business. Starting an online business can be a lot of fun and very profitable IF it’s done the right way. In this report my goal is to outline some of the fastest ways you can start earning money online. If you’re interested in additional training or learning more about me feel free to visit us online at and check out our products and of course our blog posts.

At the end you will have the chance to get started and get $20 dollars back on your first month with our number one recommendation.


 BUILDING AN EMAIL MARKETING BUSINESS If you get the chance to read any of my post you will know I don’t colorcoat anything. This maybe the fastest and most reliable way to build a business online. Everything is changing on the net and I mean constantly! Email Marketing, however, has not changed in years. Your business has a lifeline it’s called leads, which is why building an email list, is so important. To be a successful Email Marketer you’ll need just a few things, I will show you here:

1. Auto-Responder

Here all your subscribers are logged and kept. There are several different auto-responders, however, one of my favorites is

2. Optin Page

You must have a place where your subscribers can“Opt In” to receive emails from you, If you have done your research you may have seen one but just in case you haven’t look at the image below.

3. Lead Magnet

You need a “free offer” to catch your visitors in exchange for them giving you their email address. This will be different for each site because, each site will carry a different niche, but they are extremely important to your overall success.

4. Thank You Page

This will be where you will send your subscribers to after signing up to your email – thanking them for joining! I always suggest implementing a “profit center” on this page because it simply makes sense.

5. Profit Centers

This is how you make money! There are many different types of profit centers such as Shopify, Affiliate Programs, Amazon Stores and more.



This could be one of the hardest to start but if you can get it started you can scale it to be extremely profitable!  In just a few short months you can earn over $250,000 per month selling simple items online. The money was great BUT the stress from this business can be more than some can personally handle. There are several different moving pieces and so much “tech” involved in everything that you may never sleep.  Now here there is many years of experience behind and much training to be learned. We’re Affiliate Marketers! So what made me go this route? As I mentioned earlier the Internet is always changing and now it’s far easier to start an online store using Amazon or Shopify. They’ve simplified the entire process of making money with ecommerce online. So now it’s easy as ever to get a business started.

The reason this works so well is now people know, like and trust buying on the Internet. Decades ago it was very hard to start an online business such as this. Every subscriber always wants a call (which can result in over 200 calls per day by the way) in order to make their purchase. Today my brother you must start an online store.WE suggest operate a Shopify store that does about $10,000 per day in sales and never speak to a customer on the phone! That was unheard of so many years ago. The emergency of Alibaba and the ability to get products overseas has made the ecommerce world a complete hit for Internet Marketers. You can now have fully customized products made and shipped to your customers without ever seeing them. We’ve come a long way and now I have come full circle. I highly suggest an eCommerce business as one of the top ways to start making money from an online business.

Business MODEL IDEAL #3

  Building An Affiliate Marketing Business

So in the last section I told you about an ecommerce online store. Now we are going to talk about our favorite Model Ideal Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the simplest and the most easy model for someone who’s brand new to Internet Marketing to break in, start a business and generate some profits. Affiliate Marketing is promoting a company’s product for a commission.

Why I like this model so much think about this. You never have to ship anything. You never have to deal with customer support. You don’t have to worry about “branding” your business.  You are an affiliate marketer your focus is on direct response marketing and information with content. What that means you are only focused on how many dollars did you bring in for each dollar that I spent marketing the product or service. This really does simplify everything because it takes the moving pieces and the real “hard work” out of your hands completely and lets you focus on simply marketing products that customers are already looking for online.

Example – Marketing Credit Cards Online Have you ever applied for a credit card online? This is a huge market. All the major banks spend millions on branding themselves so that when you go online you think to yourself “ I should go apply for a credit card from X company”.What if you were the one promoting the credit cards for those very banks who are spending millions of dollars to drive customers to search for their cards online. Do you think that could be profitable? If you said yes, you’re exactly right, may others have done this years ago when they got started and was able to build their business to over $250,000 per month in revenue extremely fast. Heck the best part about marketing credit cards online is you aren’t even selling anything! Think about that for a minute ok? You can earn a commission and literally NOBODY spends a single penny in most cases, which is exactly why it works so well. There are plenty of resources you can use online to find some of the most profitable affiliate programs, however, I suggest checking out  to see the ones that will pay you the most money to generate sales and conversions for them.

Now what do you do next? That is up to you to choose which model ideal you will build your business from. I hope in this short book I have outlined something that really appeals to you and interests you enough to get you started. All 3 of these strategies have worked extremely well for many  others over the past years in the Internet Marketing world and the best thing is they really have stood the test of time. These are strategies that I see being long term, sustainable businesses that you can continue to enjoy for many years to come. The best thing for you to do right now? TAKE ACTION AND GET STARTED

Remember earlier I spoke about the $20 dollars you can receive. To take advantage of this you must become a premium member Here. Once a premium member we at Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information will give you Twenty Dollars towards your premium package. The catch is you must stay with the company for 60 days to gain the Twenty Dollars. We will also be doing a huge post on this later. Keep Looking Out!

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We do not like span so we will never spam you that’s why we want it this way. Our company is built around truth and getting the right products you need and all the information that you can handle.

What we are not

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What we are

We are affiliate marketers and we deal only with information to help beginner’s or any business owner get a business up and running in 30 seconds.

You can go premium if you want to we have two level’s Free and Premium. Let me show you:

Here is the premium promo link for you as well this is just the discount from signing to the system this has nothing to do with Jewels Affiliate Marketing and the $20 dollars that we will give back.

Here’s the link:

Those who get signed up and start their business here on our site will gain $20 bucks back on their first month of premium.

Once inside you automatically get a discount with the system itself, once you are with the company for 60 day’s we will give you $20 dollars back. You can’t beat that! It’s not been done before… get signed up here and get your $20 bucks back!

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Tips for SEO

High and Welcome to Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information. Today I want to show you a few tips on Search Engine Optimization.

What Inside:

  • What is SEO?
  • Site map and what it is
  • NAP listings
  • Blog/news web page(s)
  • Links/social media shares
  • Responsive/mobile-friendly design

Q: What is SEO and why does a business use it?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how website designers and website maintenance experts bring a website to the top of the search when a search platform (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is used. There are several ways to optimize your website for higher ranking in organic search results but the following are still considered best practice:

A website can be your highest-ranking asset and earn you the largest return on investment against your other marketing platforms, if built correctly. Let’s take a more precise look into our top five SEO tips for your company’s website.

To Learn these tips read on here:

From Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information we wanted to give you these five tips because without them you will fail in the online marketing world.

Everything here is given to you to learn and understand what it takes to build a successful long term business that will last the test of time.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions on this post at the bottom or on the page.

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How to Grow your Affiliate Business

What business model can you tap into without creating a product and go straight to marketing and sales?

Affiliate Marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you get paid commissions on every sale you make.

Better still, you don’t have to put any energy into selling unproven products. If you know how to do your research, you can build your website entirely around third-party products that have a proven track record out in the market.

The Affiliate Program . Are you working with an established System and Program? Is it growing, and is it likely to be around for a long time to come? For instance, Ebay probably isn’t going anywhere, and would be a reliable partner over the long haul. You need to take a close look at the company that you want to partner with, and whether or not it’s likely to have longevity. Here’s my Favorite one:

Strategy. Do you have goals of what you want to make and how much? To build a successful site you must start with the basics and when starting your affiliate business from the ground up,you will need the right training to help you grow a profitable affiliate website. Here’s a good training program click the link:

The product itself. Is the product in demand, and will it be thriving in the future? Some products are trends with no lasting value. Finding and promoting “Great” products can help you reduce the risk of losing revenue streams.

Please feel free to comment anytime and also ask questions!

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Scams Review

About Darrick

Scams Review

Hi, I’m Darrick Henry. I created this page to expose the first ever driven community program with loads of training, walkthrough videos and even a boot camp.

The program and system has been in business for ten years and growing!

So here at Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information, who took a year to research this company, before going premium we decided to let you in on the Secret.

PRODUCT: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Free Starter Packages And Premium upgrade plans starting at $49.00 a month with the first month only $19.00

Owners: Kyle And Carson

Overall Rank: 1 out of 800,000

Wealthy Affiliate, Product Overview

What Can Wealthy Affiliate Do For You? The best way to explain Wealthy Affiliate is to create a free account and begin with the  “Getting Started” training and get inside with the community.

Inside you will be able to build your first FREE website and begin your training in the online world.

Any questions? After you are done if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section at the bottom. Also learn what other people are saying! There is a community of over 800,000 very HUGE.

Before we go any further, let me ask you:

Do you Have at Least 2 hours a day to spend on your business?

Do you have a passion for something?

How much do you want to make?

The Good

What is affiliate marketing?- promoting other companies products for a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate is  my #1 recommendation for readers of my blog who want to subscribe and become an online business owner with Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information and Wealthy Affiliate. Why? WA provides many important tools that you can’t get online , all in one place. This includes:

  • step-by-step affiliate training walkthrough  videos and a way you can help one another inside to grow your business with the “Pay It Forward”section
  • free tools a free website, WORDPress integration, and free plug-ins as well
  • a large community of like-minded entrepreneurs 800,000 members helping each other out with their affiliate marketing businesses

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee by just reading this information that you are going to achieve the same results. Results can vary from person to person.


  1. Introduction
  2. How to get your free starter package
  3. The Community (and why they matter)
  4. Success with Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Reviews regarding the Wealthy Affiliate University
  6. Doing it all from the comforts of home
  7. Difference between a free account and a premium account


This review of Wealthy Affiliate will cover everything about Wealthy Affiliate, also pinpointed reasons why we no it’s not a scam . We all know that there is enough issues about scams in the affiliate marketing realm. we will ease your mind it took us a whole year to decide and we don’t want that for you.

I am a premium paid member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have another business that ha slowed down , I started an  affiliate marketing business to help people not go through what I went through.


Disclaimer: Again I say no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page . Results will vary from person to person.

We are going to  provide you with information on the Wealthy Affiliate training program, as well the free starter membership option. I am going to try and cover everything so there will be nothing uncovered. Comments and questions are always welcome so if you are still hesitating and want to know more please leave questions and comment at the bottom.

This may be for you it may not be, this review is to help you make a decision on a good system that could help you today!

 Free Starter Membership

Scams are designed to do one thing and that’s take your money. Here with Wealthy Affiliate you don’t need a credit card you can start for free.

So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?, By far Wealthy Affiliate has been proving to be the best in the past ten years. Other programs want your credit card information , WA’s free starter membership does not require a credit card to be entered, you are a free member until you decide otherwise. You have access to the trainings inside and also a free website plus.

The Site Rubix is where it happens, build your free site and plug into the best WordPress plugin on the internet. It allows you to create a new website completely free and in under 30 seconds.

All you have to do is name your website and subdomain  address, and choose a theme of what you want your blog to look like. Then you click create a website and the Site Rubix platform does all the work of creating a WordPress database-driven website for you.

There are two different levels with the starter package you can do a lot but the premium does more. Let me show you:

The point here, to gain  a level of comfort within  the WA platform is to simply try wealthy affiliate free of charge. It’s a no brainer when it comes to the FREE starter package because you will have enough information to get you off and running today.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate Community is by far the best in the business. They sayed with me for a whole year while i did my research wanting to know what they can do to help me! You have a question the community has got the answer. Each question asked will get many responses but all the information interconnect perfectly.

A key point: here in the community we are not sellers we are information review specialist. We do not allow selling inside the Wealthy Affiliate panel and we do not try to give false information. Everyone here can help you and will and will make sure you succeed.

Consider getting the Wealthy Affiliate Community on your side. Spend some time with the folks inside WA and you will up the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Once a WA member you will gain access to all members blog post. Follow the new people that come in and follow members inside your actions leads to better perks inside. You even have access to making training videos yourself and posting them on Wealthy Affiliate. Plus the top of the line trainings and walkthrough videos.

The only way to find out how the community is and what they have to offer is to get inside and mingle with them soak up all the information and knowledge as possible. I always prayed this little prayer before I start: ” Please Lord Give me the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in all I do throughout my day.” Amen!

 Success Stories

I guess the most successful stories would be Kyle and Carson the two founders.

They began WA over a decade ago, they had already been doing very well online using these same techniques they now teach others in WA. They have now grown to give you exactly what they are doing along with several others..

Just like Kyle and Carson you will be able to build a successful business just like they have and have people promote you and be as big as you want to be.

Disclaimer: Again no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page . Results can vary from person to person.

Then after you build your foundation and begin to reach people source out your own products and do the same as Kyle and Carson. Set up your own affiliate site. This means you can now get others promoting your product for a commission, in the same way you started out promoting other people’s products. You pay your affiliates a commission if and only if they make a sale.

There is all kinds of sources on the internet that can help organize your affiliate sites for you for a fee. My suggestion is to start here first and learn the basics then scale up if you feel comfortable to start your own affiliate products.

Disclaimer: Again no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page . Results can vary from person to person.

If affiliate marketing interest you then go small and learn everything from the premium members inside. They can and will give you everything you need to help you get and start a successful business online today. The only way to know if this is for you is to get started with that free starter package. If you stumble it’s ok and it’s easy to find your way back if you are struggling. Be patient and keep moving forward!

Wealthy Affiliate University Review


What is the Wealthy Affiliate University? While scouring the internet i have noticed people, were asking about the “university” and weather it was accredited? No it is not, but it is the only training out there that gives you full step-by-step videos to walk you through setting up your business.

Classrooms Contain:

• Getting Started
• WA Affiliate Program
• Keyword, Niche and Market Research
• Everything WordPress
• Authoring & Writing Content
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Engagement & Marketing
• Website Development & Programming
• Local Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Email Marketing
• The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
• Pay Per Click Marketing

Certification Courses:

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)
• Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)
• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)
• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
• The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)


• Websites & Hosting
• Keyword Tool
• Rapid Writer
• Link Tracking
• Keyword Lists

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp:

This  Bootcamp is to show you how to learn, how to effectively promote the WA Affiliate Program (described in more detail later in this review). The bootcamp contains  advanced affiliate marketing modules, each containing many distinct training modules within each subject area:

• Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)
• Content, Keywords and Conversions (PHASE 2)
• Giving Your Site Social Value (PHASE 3)
• Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media. (PHASE 4)
• Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals (PHASE 5)
• Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC (Phase 6)
• How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (PHASE 7)

Disclaimer: Again no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page . Results can vary from person to person.

Work From Home from the comforts of your home

Here’s a great benefit you can do this right from home. There are no deadlines here if you have one you set it. As well, we are not trying to force anyone we just want you to gain what we have without all the hassle.

This can be done in your spare time and there is no need to rush. This isn’t a matter of quitting something to do this instead. In fact, I would recommend not quitting anything until you are sure the WA lifestyle is a viable option for you. Hell, I am with them and I still work a 9 to 5 job.

You can also scale your online business from home. If you begin to see some results, you can begin to re-invest profits to outsource repetitive tasks to others using sites like Upwork to find freelancers to do some of the work for you. Many people do this to leverage their time and accelerate the growth of their business.

At this stage you would be a manager managing the moving pieces of your online business from home. However, do not outsource unless you are sure of doing this work and make sure that if it is you are getting traffic before paying someone to help you.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Wealthy affiliate members have the choice of free starter membership and the paid premium membership. The best would be to join for free, take a ride for  a while, then decide if premium makes sense for you. After joining you will be able to see the difference between the two memberships. Wealthy Affiliate does have a discount in place for the first month in premium and also have a yearly package which gives even better value. Take a look at these figures as well:

Should you buy Wealthy Affiliate and become a premium member?

Check Out the Video on the compensation plan:

Is wealthy affiliate worth it? Does it really work? I know that this was a little long but i hope you can answer those soon for yourself.. In my opinion and experience, the premium training is really very good. I believe it will save you time and help you avoid some wrong turns compared to venturing out on your own. In the end it is up to you to decide if you want to invest some time to see if Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve your goals.

P.S. For a great companion to Wealthy Affiliate, please consider picking up my other #1 programs and systems to accompany your business more. It is a way to get you free advertising and what other ways you can get free advertising. Learn what all your options are before investing your valuable time in a direction that may not be the right one for you.

Please also consider signing up for my free Email Newsletter coming soon.

All the best with Wealthy Affiliate!

Darrick Henry

Disclaimer: Again no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page. Results can vary from person to person.

If you have any questions or comments about the Wealthy Affiliate training or affiliate marketing, please use the comments section below. Note that comments are not immediately visible to the public, moderator approval may take a day or two.

Unfortunately the moderation step is necessary to prevent comment spam (e.g. promotions with links to other websites). However, please be assured that all honest reviews from Wealthy Affiliate members both positive and negative are welcome here.

12 comments…add one
  • Phoenix

    How can Wealthy Affiliate offer free websites? I know domain names and hosting cost money. Sounds like BS to me

    • Jewels44

      Hi Phoenix,

      Good question. With the free Wealthy Affiliate starter membership you do indeed get access to 2 free websites/blogs. The can do this without any extra cost to them for each website added because they put them all on the same domain.

      They simply give each member 2 free sub-domains on a domain they already own and is already hosted on their own platform. That domain is siterubix dotcom. So if you wanted to create a blog called mygreatidea your blog would become mygreatidea.siterubix dotcom.

      Premium members are able to create many more siterubix sites and can also host their own domains on the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform (so there is no need to purchase hosting separately, it is all included for the price of the Premium membership).

      You can purchase your domain names from within WA or from another provider like namecheap and host it within WA. A lot of people start with free siterubix sites then transfer them to their own domains later after they get some momentum built up in their online business.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides a one-click button to migrate siterubix sites to your own domains in a way that retains your search engine rankings. So you can start with a free website/blog and get started for free, then work your way up to your own domain later (or just start with your own domain, but if you do that it isn’t free).

      Hope that helps!


  • John Thompson

    How long will it take start making some money

    • jewels44 

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your question.

      To begin with, to paraphrase the disclaimers on this page, there is no guarantee that you will make money. Wealthy Affiliate is about starting an online affiliate marketing business. Results can vary from person to person.

      However, if you are thinking of giving Wealthy Affiliate a try, let me provide a bit of a reality check. There is a lot of hype out there about doing business online, so people tend to develop unrealistic expectations. To try and put things into perspective, consider the following:

      1) How many hours would you need to put into a traditional job before you get a promotion or a raise? At 35-40 hours per work week that adds up to thousands of hours pretty fast. Approximately 2000 hours in the first year. I’m not suggesting giving up your job here. Just consider the time and effort you put into it to stay even for the most part.

      2) How much time and money would you need to put into improving your education to get a better traditional job? Tuitions at traditional colleges are expensive. You may need to take out a loan that may be difficult to repay later. You may have to quit your job to attend, or attend evenings after work. All for the hope that you will be able to translate that better education into a better job someday.

      3) How much time, money, risk and effort would it take to start a traditional brick and mortar business? Buying into a franchise for example. Compare that to the cost of starting an affiliate marketing business online, which you can try out for free with Wealthy Affiliate (the free starter membership includes free websites and training).

      4) Now imagine if you start to put 3 hours per week into an online affiliate marketing business using techniques taught at Wealthy Affiliate. That is approximately 150 hours per year. Compare that to the previous options discussed.

      Would 3 hours per week working on your affiliate marketing business be enough to make progress? I don’t know, it depends on a lot of things. What if you did it for 10 hours per week, or 30 hours? How much progress could you make then?

      So your question is hard to answer directly because it depends on so many things, including the effort you are willing to put into it.

      The question to answer today is if you are willing to give up an hour or two of your valuable time to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and poke around in there to see what is inside. Try the Getting Started and Affiliate Bootcamp training modules to see if this is something you might enjoy.

      The WA platform also allows you to ask questions and connect with other Wealthy Affiliate members. I have personally never seen a question go unanswered in Wealthy Affiliate. It is a very helpful and friendly membership to be a part of.

      Then it will be much easier for you to imagine where you might be a year from now with Wealthy Affiliate and without it.

      Hope that helps.

      Anyone with other opinions or comments, please add them below.


  • Michael

    I am a very new member premium member of WA. It gets overwhelming. Do you know if there is any way you can talk to someone directly by phone with questions? If I ask a question in the chat room how long should you wait for an answer. I think a lot of my frustrations might be migrating thru the website. I’ve tried other online businesses, I really want this one to work.

    • jewels44

      Hi Michael,

      Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have a call center to take phone calls. I think hosting a call center would likely add to the cost for premium members, so they don’t do it. Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform custom designed to provide numerous ways to get your questions answered. As a result, it can be a bit overwhelming until you get used to it. However, as you get into it I think you will appreciate the way the site is designed and the options it provides.

      A good starting point is to take the “Get Started Here” training (the big green button at the top left of all Wealthy Affiliate member pages). Just diving into the training like that is a also a good way to get experience navigating through the site, and the getting started training itself explains things more.

      Beyond that, here is a short summary of some of the main ways to get help inside Wealthy Affiliate:

      1. Live Chat, which you mentioned. In my experience answers in the Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat are very quick. There are lots of members on there helping each other out, and the founders Kyle and Carson are on there pretty often.

      2. You can Private Message (PM) either of the founders Kyle or Carson and they will get back to you personally. Direct access to the founders is something that distinguishes Wealthy Affiliate from other programs.

      3. The training modules have a place at the bottom to ask questions about that particular training, which is very active with members helping each other out.

      4. There is a search bar across the top of every page in Wealthy Affiliate that is what I use the most. It is very good and provides easy access to everything on the Wealthy Affiliate platform that has been built up over the 10+ years WA has been in business, including blog posts and training that other members create within WA to help each other out.

      Hope that helps.


  • Terry

    I’m really dumb when it comes to internet. Will I be selling a product? If so who provides the product! If I’m not selling a product what does website consist of ?

    • jewels44

      Hi Terry,

      Good question. With affiliate marketing you will join affiliate programs at companies that have products for sale. Joining these programs is free. The companies provide you with affiliate links and banners to put on your website, so if your website visitors click them and buy something from the other website you get a commission. The first and probably most famous affiliate program is the Amazon associates program where you can get a commission by sending people from your website to Amazon. There are many great companies with affiliate programs. That’s a very basic description of the most basic approach to affiliate marketing. The affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot more detail on finding good affiliate programs and strategies on how to go about it.

      Hope that helps.


  • Scott

    Hi Darrick,
    I have to say that this program looks very interesting! I am close to be joining up with the free membership. My question is though, while being in the free membership, can you get a commission or do you have to be a premium customer. I know that the disclaimer states that you might not make any money pending on the person. If I put my best foot forward and say work on my website 5 hours a day , I hope that I would see some profits coming in. Again, they would probably be small at first but hopefully increase in time. Thank you for your time!

    • Darrick

      Hi Scott,

      Wealthy Affiliate is primarily teaching affiliate marketing. That means you build your own websites and promote outside affiliate programs like the Amazon Associates program to earn commissions. You can do that whether you are a free or premium Wealthy Affiliate member (or even if you aren’t a member at all). Being a WA member at either level provides training, tools, and an online community to help you do it.

      Hope that helps.


  • Sal madaffari

    Does wealth affiliate use the CPM compensation model?

    • jewels44

      Hi Sal,

      No, as with most affiliate programs these days the main compensation model is Pay Per Sale (PPS). That means you get a commission if you refer someone who buys. Of course you can take what you learn at Wealthy Affiliate and join other affiliate programs that offer different compensation models, such as Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost per Click (CPC), or cost per mille (CPM, cost per estimated 1000 views).

      You can promote any kind of affiliate offer you like on the affiliate style websites you will create within Wealthy Affiliate. Part of the process is researching a good niche topic you want to create a website on, researching the kinds of affiliate offers that would work well in that niche, then joining those affiliate programs and promoting their products from your website (that is the most basic approach).

      Wealthy Affiliate also teaches more advanced topics like Email Marketing to promote affiliate products for commission.

      Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

      Anyone wanting to have a home based business and want’s to change their life! Anyone who has an idea and wants to start a business! Anyone wanting to learn and implement what they learn to become successful! Simply put, if you have a passion for something then Wealthy Affiliate can make it come alive!

      Hope that helps.

      Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

      Website Name: Wealthy Affiliate

      Website: WEBSITE_URL

      Owners:Kyle and Carson

      Price: $49.00/month first month discount 19.00 but you can get a Free starter package.

      Overall Scam Rank: 00 out of 100


      Here is my profile page come and see what other’s are saying go here:


Website blog:

Always feel free to ask questions and give comments!

Thank You Darrick


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Improve Readability

About Darrick

5 Ways To Improve Readability

First thing’s first,

Welcome again to Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information. Today we are going to talk about the 5 ways to get your content read.

Here are 5 ways that you can improve READABILITY of your website content.
(1) Use smaller paragraphs. Always use smaller paragraphs, we live in a world where to many characters is to much. You want to stay around 140 characters per paragraph.


Make sure you have white space in your content (smaller paragraphs) this will lead to better readability and  people will read your content as a result.

(2) Use appropriate font sizes and colors. Stay with the normal font sizes on your website that are by default, don’t use random font sizes and colors everywhere, it will cause people not to read your content and will look bad to Google.


White background with black text has again and again proven to convert the best and lead to the highest readership rates.We recommend that all newbies consider using a theme with a white background and either a really dark grey text or black. There will be a difference.

(3) Using visuals within your content. We are visual  by nature, we know this by reading picture books from an early age. We know that this doesn’t leave us as we get older because it’s just better to have something visual to go with the writing.


Show Just Don’t Tell. Always give a picture or photo to the reader so they can see as well as read what you are trying to say.

This will always lead to higher conversions and higher conversions mean more and more people are reading your content.

(4) Using headlines to prelude content. With the use of headlines in your content it foreshadows what’s coming up next. You can do this by using H3 (Heading 3) tags within your content. It will make your content much more readable.


Here is an example of what I mean:

Scroll down, you will see headlines that break apart my content and foreshadow to my audience what I am going to talk about.

Example: And For the Love of Money…The Root To All Evil.

Image EX:

This is very effective and will lead to much more readership of your content.

(5) Writing in an easy to understand way.  The biggest mistake people make when building out their content is wanting to write it  like an English essay. The result, it  leads to your audiences eyes glossing over which will give it a very lower readership rate.


When you’re speaking to your crowd remember to speak to them as if you were speaking directly to them face to face.  

Make it a conversation , and more people will want to read.

Conclusion: Better Readability on your site.

Author Darrick



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Home Page

About Darrick

Home Page 

Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information


Welcome, this is Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information Home Page and we wanted to give you a little more about what you can find going on in the affiliate marketing world.

Affiliate Marketing is:

Promoting other people’s products and making money for yourself. We show you how! Create your free membership account and start today!

Let me tell you a little bit about me and why I started Affiliate Marketing.

Why I Started

In 2015 I was searching for a better income away to change my day to day 9-5 job.

As I was searching

I came across a System that was Fully integrated with the top of the line training, walkthrough videos, a bootcamp training module, a way to be able to start free, and get your first free site up in running in 30 seconds.

After searching the internet for years trying to find something good!

Right, it’s probably like all the other stuff out there! NOT AT ALL!

I investigated this system for more than a year before I went premium and I couldn’t have made a better one.

So trust me when I say you don’t need to look any further than here we are going to give you that exact system, the same top of the line training and so much more:

If you have not created an account yet go here hit the big green Join Now button to start your free account:

Before we get to the meat of everything let me give you some facts about affiliate marketing and where it’s headed for the upcoming years…


2017 Affiliate Marketing Trends and Predictions from Top Experts

The New Year of 2017 is quickly approaching,  and as it does, I’ve reached out to a hand-picked selection of affiliate marketing influencers seeking their input on what they think affiliate marketing may face, enjoy, or struggle with in the coming year. Considering everyone’s busyness this late in the year, I appreciate the time and thinking that the below-quoted ten experts devoted to the task.

With pleasure I bring you more than twenty 2017 predictions from some of the world’s most brilliant affiliate marketing experts (from all sides of the business: affiliates, advertisers, and solution providers) . Enjoy and do chime in with your thoughts!

Affiliate marketing will become more mainstream, which is both a blessing and a curse. Consumers will be more aware of how it is used to monetize content, and they will accept it as legitimate. However, consumers will themselves become affiliates in greater numbers thanks to an increase in revenue sharing apps and tools.

Tricia Meyer, Affiliate Marketer

2017 is going to see substantial growth in non-traditional content affiliate relationships as merchants place emphasis on growing beyond dependence on coupon and cashback/loyalty affiliates to drive incremental sales. Merchants who commit to identifying these partners and providing them with the tools they need will prosper in 2017 and beyond.

Wade Tonkin of

2016 saw a lot of innovation for the performance marketing industry. Three of the more notable changes were the increased adoption of cross channel insights, emphasis on cross-device tracking capabilities, and the importance of leveraging non-traditional partners.

As we head into 2017, I see the momentum continuing in these three areas as marketers better understand the value they contribute to the channel. I estimate that less than 20% of affiliate managers have access to cross channel data, so there’s still a lot of opportunities for increased adoption. Without cross channel insights, affiliate managers are essentially flying blind and only seeing 5%-15% of the picture. This makes it impossible to accurately determine the value of individual partnerships and optimize the channel.

There has also been a lot of talk about cross-device tracking but the capabilities between solution providers vary dramatically and, in many cases, marketers are not always getting accurate cross-device tracking which negatively impacts the ability to correctly attribute credit to affiliates. In other words, all cross-device channel tracking is not equal and marketers need to understand how they differ when choosing a solution.

Lastly, brands are expanding their definition of what an affiliate can be to include small and medium business development opportunities and influencers in the channel. This approach has brands reevaluating what a partnership can mean, which in turn is helping them diversify their affiliate mix and elevating the value of the channel.

Todd Crawford of Impact Radius

We believe there are a few trends in affiliate marketing worth taking note of for 2017:

  • Influencer marketing will thrive. eMarketer suggests this space is easily a multi-billion dollar industry right now and likely to grow. As advertisers make efforts to build these relationships, a critical component will be a network’s ability to create tools that make it easy for influencers to create beautiful product showcases for brands.
  • Advertisers will continue to close the loop on tracking publishers that drive consumers in-store. Similarly, as brands prioritize the building of dedicated mobile apps, publishers can encourage app downloads and in-app purchases. Having tracking in place to capture these conversions will be critical when analyzing mobile app performance.
  • From using attribution to recognize affiliate’s contribution at each stage of the funnel, to using affiliate data to improve your Display and Paid Search campaigns, data will continue to be a priority.
  • And some things will remain constant — and that is, the strength of coupons, deals, cash back and loyalty. Consumers have been counting on discounts to save them money since Coca-Cola invented the first coupon in 1887. And for luxury brands — shoppers will look to loyalty and cash back sites to realize savings for these higher priced goods.

These are just a few of the exciting things we can expect to see in 2017 from affiliate marketing networks, and the advertisers and publishers they support.

Adam Weiss of Rakuten Affiliate Network

In 2017, I predict the affiliate marketing industry will see a continuation of the mergers & acquisitions which we saw in 2016. Deals such as Groupon acquiring LivingSocial & The NY Times buying The Wirecutter will continue throughout 2017 as publishers look to replace traditional advertising revenue with performance-based affiliate sales.

Eric Nagel, Affiliate Marketer

Growth Opportunity:

The evolution of content marketing has applied pressure on CMOs to continuously curate content around their business goals. Affiliate marketers are experts in creating compelling content around a retailer’s brand. Those retailers that understand the wide reaching, cost-effective impact affiliate marketers can demonstrate with their content will capture even greater success from affiliate marketing.


Internet Sales Tax Reform will continue to be a big challenge. States continue to pass Nexus laws crippling the livelihood of affiliate marketers and interfering with revenue opportunities for advertisers. More industry leaders need to advocate in support of the Marketplace Fairness Act; a bill that will essentially eliminate the Affiliate Nexus Tax laws. Join or donate to the PMA to make a difference.

Choots Humphries of LinkConnector

I started moving away from search pay per click for affiliate offers to Facebook around 2010 and had a lot of success with it yielding 200%+ returns and scaling up to low six figures in spend per day in various verticals. This has drastically diminished IMO from big brands and startups that are not ROI focused spending whatever it takes for user acquisition thus raising the cost for white hat affiliates to where it’s not profitable. Plus, as Facebook has said at conferences, they are not big on affiliate marketers and would rather deal directly with the brands. With that said I know a LOT of black hat guys that cloak facebook and make a ton of money but they constantly have to make new accounts and play that cat and mouse game which I just have no interest in at this point in my life. So that also doesn’t help affiliates in general.. Plus in the last year Facebook has drastically throttled organic posts to walls so having a bunch of fans and recommending a product does not produce nearly the results it gets (Facebook does not like people to leave Facebook unless you pay them for it via ads).

The good news is that I have struck gold in affiliate marketing with Native Advertising. They are much like the early days of Facebook where there is not any big brand or startup competition (that I have seen) plus it’s almost exclusively affiliates running the same type of creative ads that we did very well on Facebook with.

As a replacement for organic, free traffic, that yields affiliate commissions — I have turned to value added content affiliate marketing. I created which is a free training course on how to build a blog and in the last year earned over $800,000 in web hosting commissions. This all came from users referring users.

I also have done well with affiliate marketing via live video. Primarily on YouTube Live and Facebook. In addition the same thing with my blog. Give people value with a link to what you are talking about. Simple.

Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney Media Group

It looks like influencer marketing will be a big player this year. While discount/promo will continue to form the core revenue streams for merchant affiliate programs, stronger and more numerous relationships between content creators and merchants will help to build brands and diversify revenue streams. I expect to see new tools to empower and incentivize content creators.

I think we will also see some adjustments to how attribution is handled. Right now, we haven’t quite found the balancing point between simple blanket solutions like last click and very granular dynamic attribution scenarios in terms of when the extra attention to detail justifies the result.

I expect new solutions for improving efficiency and effectiveness in recruiting, activating and optimizing affiliates. Currently, this process is very manual. Refinements and innovations in technologies that help facilitate deals between advertisers and publishers will help broaden the field of industry players by connecting trending publishers to the right advertisers.

Greg Shepard of Pepperjam

The affiliate marketing industry grew tremendously during 2016, and we expect 2017 will be no different. There were numerous milestones that helped affirm the affiliate marketing industry, including the NYT acquisition of Wirecutter and New York Magazine launching online product recommendation page, The Strategist. As the affiliate industry continues to grow there are two trends we can count on experiencing.

Increase in Long Tail Merchants

At VigLink, we have seen our tail merchants (those greater than 1000 in sales rank) double in revenue share and we expect the trend to continue. The absolute number also grew more than 175% from 40k to 70k. More merchants are beginning to realize that no matter how small they might be, an affiliate program can contribute incremental revenue to their business model. The high prices of adwords and the increased sophistication of attribution tracking tools lead advertisers out of display and search campaigns that can be ROI negative.

Globalization of Affiliate

We will also see more merchants expanding their networks on a global scale. We’ve already begun to see the effect of globalization on affiliate marketing. More than 20% of our traffic is “out of locale” meaning the content creation and the audience hail from different geographies. We see increasing publisher recognition that this traffic is wasted with traditional affiliate techniques. We also see US retailers trying to gain a share of the global market by launching international affiliate programs. Similarly, international retailers, like are trying to gain a share of the strong US market. Around 50% off all clicks that run through the VigLink network originate from outside the US.

As stated by Business Insider’s Dylan Mortensen, “Consumers continue to increase their time spent consuming digital media, while advertisers continue to increase their ad budgets into digital channels. The influx is not expected to let up in the near future.” 2017 will be an extremely exciting time to be part of an industry that is growing at a rapid rate and changing the landscape of how online consumers shop.

— Oliver Roup of VigLink

Now that we got the facts out of the way let’s get started!

Here’s to a happy and successful year ahead; and, as mentioned above, if you have anything to add to these, please do chime in with your thoughts via the “Comments” area below.




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Sunspotweb Affiliate Signup

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Free Advertising

Free Advertising

Everyone knows that advertising can be extremely expensive and more than that it can put a damper on your business. Everything you see here on this post is being used by Jewels Affiliate Information.

We are first and foremost will not give you something that we don’t use ourselves.

We do not own these companies but we have found in our research that these companies do very well and if you want a piece of the pie just go and become an affiliate with them for free. They will give you what you will need to succeed.

This is some of the benefits you will find with these three programs here at Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information.

Let’s Begin with Banner advertising.

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Doesn’t sound like a lot until you actually start building the numbers up as you post and engage with your communities and also potential clients. If you want a PPC site to give you loads of fun ways to get .05 cents per click then Bing Ads is your place.


Learn How to Get Unlimited .05 Cent Clicks With The Best PPC Training Program Online


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Please leave comments!

Always ask questions?



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#1 recommendations

About Darrick

The Best Affiliate Programs/Systems

#1 Recommendations

This is Jewels Affiliate Marketing Informations #1 recommendation for any online business or anyone that is looking for the right system or programs to tap into and get a business started online in a matter of minutes.

Have you ever started a business but never understood all the products that you would need to build a business?

How about this, have you ever got online to find a program and there was so much technical mumbo jumbo that it gave you information overload?

If you said yes, then look no further. We at Jewels Affiliate Marketing Info have compiled a list of products that you can implement into your business. This is also for beginners who are just starting out best training program and you get up and running fast.

We strive to get you the right information so you don’t have to search the internet for a year trying to find what is right for you and what you will need to succeed in the online world.

So let’s get right to it!

But before we do, I wanted to say if you have read my blog on ‘How I Got Started’ post, remember it took me a little over a year to research this Company and it has grown to a major business.

I have not found anyone out there with this kind of training or close nit community. This, by far is the BEST…

When you get inside you will see exactly what we mean. So without further ado…..

Featured Products:

E-business & E-marketing : Affiliate Marketing

These products are for Affiliates who have not got a system in place:

This company here is our favorite company. This company has loads to offer any affiliate marketer.

  • You will get Training
  • A free website
  • WordPress Blog
  • A community of 800,000 and growing
  • Top of the line integration to the search engines
  • top of the line Affiliate Bootcamp Training and much much more…
We will Have More coming soon keep checking back for more information.
Please leave a comment or leave a question we are always here to help.
Jewels Blog:

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Can You Make Money?

About Darrick

Can You Make Money?

As much as you like….seriously!

Your revenue is typically very closely tied to the amount of traffic you can get. And remember, in order to get traffic you need a website. You need to be creating content that is relevant, and you need to be implementing strategies from the last lesson (Online Entrepreneur Certification – Ultimate Traffic Training Level 2).

I will give you some sample numbers you can work with just to give you an idea on some of the lower end averages so you can get a good idea of the earning potential.

Let’s say you get 1,000 clicks to your site in a month. This is 33 clicks per day and once you get rolling this will be more than realistic.

Out of this 1,000 clicks, you get a 20% click-through rate on your affiliate links.

1,000 x 0.20 = 200 affiliate clicks

Scenario 1: If 1:50 (or 2%) of these people end up buying something, you will make 4 sales.

Scenario 2: If 1:20 (or 5%) of these people end up buying something, you will make 10 sales.

If you are promoting a product that pays $30 per sale (pretty typical), you will earn $120 in the first scenario and $300 in Scenario 2.

These are very conservative numbers, and this is in just one month! That same traffic is going to convert for you year round and is going to be working for you 24 hours per day.

Let’s look at some realistic, but bigger affiliate $$$!

Within time and as you work on building out your authority site and your feeder traffic (traffic that is driven to your website from other sites) you will reach a point where you are getting much more traffic, 100+ unique clicks/day. There are many products out there that also offer $100+ per sale in affiliate commissions (like the Wealthy Affiliate one, after retention).

100 clicks day = 3,000 clicks per month

Let’s keep the 20% click-through ratio. 600 people each and every month will be clicking through to your affiliate links. Let’s say you are promoting something that leads to $100 per sale and you are converting at 1:20 (30 overall conversions).

That is $3,000 in profit in ONE month. That is a $36,000 profit each and every year.

Please leave comments!

Thank You Darrick

contact me here:



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