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I know when you first start at Wealthy Affiliate it may become somewhat overwhelming. When you are viewing a product or website they are always trying to get you to join, they build you up with false promises and  instant help, training modules that can make you rich, and not to mention the one push button system that can turn you to a millionaire over night. That’s all good but where do we start?

Once you sign up, it will be a little overwhelming. You might be thinking someone will contact you and walk you through a process that is simple to understand and that’s going to bring you loads of cash!

Let me advise you there is no push button system here at Wealthy Affiliate. No push button opportunities or other scams that promise false hopes.

What you will get from Wealthy Affiliate is a community of over 800,000 that is willing to help you with your business. I will say this, from my own  experience, everything you need is already here you just have to want it bad enough.

Before we get any further, these are the two main guys behind the scenes.

Both Kyle and Carson are always here to help people but, as you may know they are pretty busy. They have a huge business to run and with all that comes with Wealthy Affiliate, you can be sure they are busy guys.

For the most part, when you get help, it will be from other members like me Darrick  or maybe someone else the point is, you have a large community of assistance.

 The Community

The community has more answers and thoughts than you can imagine, but there is a few things that i want to point out.

  • the members do not get paid for feedback they help because they want to

My reason for telling you this, is not scare you, to ask for help, quite the opposite in fact, I’d rather you to do so from day one. I say this because you need to know how we reach out to the community.

When the community offers you help take it, it will mean a lot to them but it’s far more valuable as well. Most members want to get help from someone who is actually making a living from doing what is learned.

It’s also important to know that, although we do get paid to referrals , the community will help everyone not just their referrals. This adds to the feeling of family rather than every man for himself. It is this kind of thinking and leadership that make this a great community.

In this training, I will draw an outline that I believe will help you have a greater understanding of the fundamentals of Wealthy Affiliate and will help you better understand where and how to get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Get Started here:

The first thing you must do is create your account. To do this you have to go here:

Now that you have created your account you will then set up your profile page with Wealthy Affiliate. Once you do that we will go to the next step in the training inside.

This is a screen shot of my profile page:

About Jewels44
Joined November 2015
Hello Everyone,
My name is Darrick I have two daughters and a loving fiance. I am 44 years old and i work for a marketing company as my 9 to 5 job. Wanted to pick up a home based business to help others gain legitimate help on starting their own home based business. To help people gain the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to start your own home based business. The site will give you the whole of everything you will need to succeed on line. I haven’t come up with a good name for the site as of yet still doing research on it…..Please feel free to leave feedback! The two sites that i have started i will be deleting those do to me not understanding the whole of picking the right niche but i have gotten a handle on it now.

My Accomplishments
This is just showing you how easy it is to get started.
Well, we have finished tthe getting started so get inside and start learning. See you on the inside.
Please feel free to comment.

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