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It’s real simple and easy here! All you have to do┬áis give away FREE banner ads & text ads to earn instant commissions!

Step 1. Get your $220 in FREE ADS!

You’ll Receive…

11 Text Links w/ 1K Impressions $110 Value

11 Banner Ads w/ 1K Impressions $110 Value

Click the “Setup Ads” button and redeem Promo Code: welcome

This is also where you setup your banner ads, text ads and login ads.

You can also go here to trade in your credits for free advertising or to buy additional advertising with the click of your mouse!

You can earn credits by clicking on the banner ads and text ads.

Step 2. Click on the “Edit My Details” button to #1. upload your photo.

#2. add your Autoresponder code.


Make sure your redirect URL for your optin form is set to:

So the signup process works flawlessly. If you have doubts, contact us.

If you upgraded to an Elite, JV Partner, or Founding Member, you will also go here to edit your “Exit Pop URL” and other details.

You can also go here to change your password.

Step 3. Click on “View Ads” to view ads to earn credits which you can then use to redeem for more advertising! You can also win prizes if you click on at least 50 ads! 1 Member Wins Daily!

Step 4. Click on “Get Code” to get our viral ad code that you can place on your websites. You’ll get clicks on your banners plus you’ll have a hands-free way to make referrals!

BONUS: Contact us with proof you placed the “Ad Code” on at least one of your websites and receive 1 Banner Ad with 10,000 impressions!

Step 5. Click on “Affiliate Tools” to grab promotional material including your referral URL. Remember – WE WILL RETARGET YOUR TRAFFIC ON FACEBOOK TO GET YOU MORE REFERRALS!

Refer others to earn credits and earn INSTANT cash when your referrals upgrade! No SPAM will be tolerated.

Step 6. Click on “Edit My Details” in case you need to change your password or email address OR UPDATE ANY OTHER INFO.

Step 7. Click on “Support” if you need help with anything. Make sure to include your username when you submit a support ticket and allow up to 24hrs for us to get back to you.

Step 8. Please remember, we have a simple 3-day refund period. This is so we can pay out instant commissions to members who refer purchases, so they don’t have to hold the commissions they earn for a long time. This is for the good of all members, so you can enjoy instant commission payouts and not have to wait 30-60 days for your commissions.

If you upgraded or made a purchase, please use the site today and get familiar with it. You upgraded to get more advertising, higher commissions and more benefits than a free member would.

If it’s not for you, we ask that you request a refund within 24hrs from the member you paid. Their email address will be in your receipt.. Note: If you refund a member who you referred, please show us proof so we can downgrade the member to Free.

More to come! So check back often!

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Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information


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