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At Jewels Affiliate Marketing Information our goal is to help at least 300 people build a website and assist them on how to get their business up and running.We also will show you exactly what we do as affiliate marketers. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a website up an running in less than 30 seconds from now?

Guess what YOU CAN!

In this training I am going to be showing you how you can build a website for free.

Go to SiteRubix=> Site Builder

Choose ‘A Free Website’ or ‘On a Domain You Own’ and follow the on screen instructions.This is within the Main Menu . This is where you will find everything relating to websites including website management, domain management, email management and getting “support” with any hosting issues.

Name your website (a viewer friendly name). This should be pretty easy but I have found that it can be challenging. You can name your site whatever you want but make sure its something you know and love to do.

Select a theme (any one will do, we’ll change that later). The themes are pretty straight forward there is the non-techy type and then for those that have a lot of experience can use the more complicated themes.

Click ‘I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!’

Change Your Theme

Use your siterubix’ practice website to choose a theme. Choose a New Theme

Install and activate any themes which interest you and check out the Theme Options.

Make a list of your favorite themes in Notepad and save it on your computer for future reference.

Here are some of my favorite themes:

  • Mon Cahier
  • Museum Core
  • Supernova
  • The Box
  • Virtue
  • Any free theme

Once you have decided on a theme install and activate it on your ‘real’ website. Then set up the theme options.

Whenever you make any changes Update or Save always.

Install and Activate Your Favorite Plugins

Make sure you always try out new plug-ins and themes by using the siterubix test.

Try and save a list of your favorites to your computer that way you always have them to look back on.

Note: Do Not install a lot of plug-ins as it will make your website run slower.

Under no circumstances use too many or out of date plugins as this can slow down your website’s load time. You may not need all of these on any single website.

Go through the settings for each plugin you activate to personalize them.


Delete the default page, every new installation has posts and comments already with each one.

Copy, paste and modify the main pages from your first website. These include ‘About Me’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Affiliate Disclaimer’.

Go through each of the subheadings under ‘Appearance’ and make the appropriate modifications, updating or saving changes as you go. Don’t touch the ‘Editor’. If you want to make changes to your theme then make a child-theme. You’ll find lots of information on You may need to login to first.

Under Users > Your Profile write something in the ‘Biographical Info’ section. This may appear on your blog in some themes.

Lastly the widgets

Depending on your theme you will have several places to put your widgets. I’ll leave the placement to your discretion.

Widgets That I Use

  • Recent Posts (drop-down list).
  • Recent Comments.
  • Search (I use my domain name as the title).
  • Categories (drop-down list).
  • Archives (drop-down list).
  • Text (for ads).


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